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ZugGear V2 PCB Mount Screw-in Stabilizers Translucent Smokey Gold Plated 2u 6.25u 7u Keycap Stabilizers Mechanical Keyboard Stabilizers (DUROCK V2 Smokey 60/87 Kit)?

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18th Feb 2022

I used these smokey v2s and it cured everything that was wrong with my stock stabs. I would never run the goats after paying so much for this board, they were worse than what came in my $40 rk61. Maybe the new version is better if you got those Id give em a shot.

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22nd Sep 2021

They screw into the pcb
DUROCK V2 PCB Mount Screw-in Stabilizers Translucent Smokey Gold Plated 2u 6.25u 7u Keycap Stabilizers Mechanical Keyboard Stabilizers (V2 Smokey 60/87 Kit) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08MWDGBJ8/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_N7M93Q0MM20SGG3JKP8Y?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

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15th Aug 2021

DUROCK V2 PCB Mount Screw-in Stabilizers Translucent Smokey Gold Plated 2u 6.25u 7u Keycap Stabilizers Mechanical Keyboard Stabilizers (V2 Smokey 60/87 Kit) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08MWDGBJ8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_H1PM8J5VJ2HG70GQRHXS?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 this is what you need👍🏼

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22nd Jun 2021

Here’s a price breakdown of supplies I used:

So, in total, for the components of the keyboard, about $270. This doesn’t include other things I used to assemble it (like lube, switch pullers, switch openers, stem holders, etc). I’d say the other supplies probably cost about $30. So, for EVERYTHING, about $300.

Some tips I have for building your first keyboard:

  • Become familiar with keyboard anatomy. Taeha Types has some great videos that go into this. Just watching videos of people building keyboards is very helpful!
  • Do what YOU want to do. You know your preferences and you can definitely ask people for advice, but make sure what you buy is what YOU want.
  • Have fun! Enjoy the process of building your keeb 🙂 you will feel very accomplished at the end
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2nd Jul 2021



These fit with both the Aluminum plate that came with my keyboard, and also the PC plate that I purchased after the tolerance updates, just make sure you lube them yourself!

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15th Dec 2021

I assume you are refering to Durock screw in stabs which have V1 and V2. This is the main difference between them. BUT Drop Ctrl uses plate mount stabs, which means you cant use screw in on it. The ones you linked are fine

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18th Nov 2021

Hello everyone, I want to thank everyone so much for the positive feedback! I am honestly overwhelmed by the reception and didn’t expect to blow up as it did! I will definitely do my best to get back to everyone. Waking up to this has made my day! Because of the spec requests, I have provided them with links below.

There was honestly a fair amount that went to not only this build to my entire setup and I hope to explain that in a video sometime soon! I will also do a sound test of this wonderful keyboard! Attached is a link to my channel where I will upload within the next week or two. I hope I will be able to interact with you all not only here but also on youtube!
Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgEbd71wkj6zPyT1bq5inPA

Build Specs:
Case:KBDFans Tofu65 Acrylic with Polycarbonate Plate with o-rings and tape modded on the pcb (both will be explained in the video)
Switches: Boba U4T Switches lubed with Krytox 205 and filmed with Deskey Films

Stabilizers: Durock v2 Stabs lubed with Krytox 205 and Dielectric Grease

Keycaps: Mix of Japanese Letter and Black PBT Keycaps from Gliging on Amazon, but just saw that they made a set with the black white color scheme….

Interstellar Artisan Keycap

Lunar Lander Wrist Rest

Lastly, here is a photo of my current setup. I am still waiting on a few parts to complete the build!
Please let me know if I’m missing anything from the list!

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9th Nov 2021

This is my first keyboard build ever and I’m struggling to find everything that meets my needs. First off, I have a $300 budget for the entirety of my build. I’ve been watching a lot of videos trying to learn and study exactly how to build a keyboard. What I’m hoping to build is a 60-65% keyboard with a lower profile (something similar to my ducky one 2 mini and Anne pro since I found the Keychron K6 profile way too high and I don’t really want to use a wrist rest). I also would like a plastic case and polycarbonate plate as I’m aiming for a very “thocc” and hollow sound to match gateron black ink v2 switches; I think I prefer linear switches more than tactile ones. I also plan to mod the keyboard around with foam, tape, band-aids, and also try lubing and film on the switches. For the PCB, I would just like it to be hot-swap and some RGB as I do use my computer mostly at night. I don’t know much about stabilizers but I heard screw-in ones are better? As for things like Keycaps and cables, I think I want an all-black build or vintage-looking grey keycap set.

End goal:
A 60-65% Keyboard with a lower profile, hot-swap RGB PCB, polycarbonate plate, some good stabilizers, and a plastic case.
I value the sound of the keyboard and would like a very quiet, smooth typing experience and I’m leaning towards the Gateron Black v2s to lube and film. I also want to mod to make it less hollow and more “thoccy.”

My current ideas:
KBDfans Tofu60 DIY Kit: https://kbdfans.com/collections/diy-kit/products/kbdfans-dz60rgb-ansi-hot-swap-diy-kit
Bakeneko60 by Cannonkeys DIY Kit: https://cannonkeys.com/collections/keyboard-kits/products/bakeneko-60

The issue I find with both of these is the aluminum case. I know aluminum is supposedly more premium feeling but from my understanding, it can cause pinging and a higher pitch sound while typing. So if someone can double-check or confirm this, then maybe I’d be more interested in these options.

The benefit for both though is that everything is one kit and I don’t need to handpick everything. I also appreciate how easy the bakeneko60 looks to build with the O-ring gasket and no tools required layout.

NK65 Entry Edition: https://novelkeys.com/products/nk65-entry-edition

The issue with this one is that it’s not readily in stock and the case looks translucent and I worry my modifications like foam will be seen through it.

The most likely build idea:
Maybe go with KBDfans but get the Tofu60 plastic case but I don’t know what PCBs and stabs are compatible. It’s just more daunting because there are Tofu60 builds I can follow on Youtube and the Aluminium DIY Kit comes with everything. I’d have to pick each part out like the PCB and plate and I’m very unsure about compatibility. My current list looks like this though:

Case: https://kbdfans.com/products/60-plastic-case?_pos=1&_sid=01d26b60f&_ss=r&variant=36020991757
PCB: https://kbdfans.com/collections/60/products/dz60rgb-ansi-mechanical-keyboard-pcb (I don’t know the difference between this one and this other one) https://kbdfans.com/collections/60/products/dz60rgb-hot-swap-custom-keyboard-pcb (but I’m American and I think I use ANSI layout?)
Plate: https://kbdfans.com/collections/60-layout-plate-1/products/60-pc-material-plate?variant=19633279631418 (I don’t know which plate I need, the 2.0U or 2.25U)
Stabilizers: https://www.amazon.com/DUROCK-Stabilizers-Translucent-Mechanical-Keyboard/dp/B08MWDGBJ8 (I’m not sure if this is compatible with everything else and I do not know how to install properly)

I know this is a lot but I really want to invest some time and money to make my perfect board (at least for a long time).

Where do I get a 60-65% Keyboard with a lower profile, hot-swap RGB PCB, polycarbonate plate, some good stabilizers, and a plastic case to build?

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21st Oct 2021

Doesnt Glorious come with PCB screw mount stabs? You are showing plate mount. You sure “recommended” wasn’t actually Durock pcb mount?

Like : https://www.amazon.com/DUROCK-Stabilizers-Translucent-Mechanical-Keyboard/dp/B08MWDGBJ8

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21st Jul 2021