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ZugGear T1 Tactile Keyboard Switch, 67g Mechanical Key Switches, Unique Tactile Keyswitch, 5 Pins DUROCK Tactile Switches for Mechanical Keyboards (20pcs, DUROCK Clear T1)?

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28th Jul 2020

Thanks again for this —
I have 2 of these at home – https://www.amazon.com/ZugGear-T1-Mechanical-Keyboards-Clear/dp/B07ZF2GLLK

So you’re saying if I put the stem from my Halo Clears into this T1 housing, I have a “sharper” holy panda knockoff? (Which of the two springs do I use? Do I lube them? I have 3203 lube)

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27th Aug 2020

lol you can buy the switch this one is derived from on Amazon Prime. It’s even cheaper on other sites if you look. It’s not as hard as some people in the community want to make you think.

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15th Jun 2021


Keycaps: DROP MT3 Camillo Keycap Set https://drop.com/buy/drop-mt3-camillo-keycap-set

Switches: DUROCK T1 Tactile Keyboard Switch, 67g Mechanical Key Switches


Autoshift Enabled

Diamond = Symbols

<- = Backspace, CMD on hold
Tab = Tab, Nav on hold

Check out my other keeb, a boardsource 5×12 with a nice nano for traveling.

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1st Jun 2021

Sorry Sir/Ma’am, im really new. what do you mean by see through? the switch must be clear like this? https://www.amazon.in/ZugGear-T1-Mechanical-Keyboards-Clear/dp/B07ZF2GLLK

or you mean there is a hole?