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ZugGear DUROCK Switch Film for Cherry MX Compatible Mechanical Keyboard Switches, 0.15mm HTV+PC Soft Double Layer Keyboard Switch Film (120pcs)?

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11th May 2021

Can I use these switch films (durock films) with Outemu switches? I’m asking this because lots of things and mods don’t work with outemu switches and I want to make sure that these work before I actually buy them.

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21st Apr 2021

Hey yall, I’ve got everything set for my keyboard except for one more thing, Switch Films.

I’ve already ordered some nk Creams, and I was looking at the 0.15mm Durock Switch Films since I just got their stabs and they are also on amazon. Is the switch films just a preference for sound and feel or are they objective reasons why one film is better than another for a specific switch?

The only real difference I can find is the thickness being somewhere between 0.125 and 0.15mm. Will the 0.15mm Durock films fit with the nk Creams well? I’ve seen some people saying that 0.15mm don’t fit the creams but others say they fit fine.

I never film my switches, but I would like to at least try it out on some. Would these be an OK choice? If not, what else and why?