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ZTOZZ Alvi Wave Like LED Bed Frame Queen Size – Contemporary Modern Curved PU upholstered Low Profile Platform Bed with Designer LED Lights headboard – Black Color?

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9th Jan 2021

Right! Of course. I secretly hoped someone would ask. I’m a huge fan of this sub and often the set-up is not there. Let’s do this!!!!

Very easy to assemble. Great lights and settings 5/5

*The Blanket is from ElectroThreads:

***See more Electro Threads products and trippy visuals in my music video: https://youtu.be/yRoIVLtSJeQ

The 3-piece panel above the bed is this (The Sacred CEO by DV8 Studio):

Bunny Light (it’s hard to see but it’s there, I didn’t have it turned on. Can you believe I forgot to turn a light on what!???)

The Orangish lights on either side of the bed are used normally for photography… I’m afraid someone’s going tell me they are a videographer and I shouldn’t use them in my bedroom:

See more cool trippy lighting in my ‘trip’ inspired music video! https://youtu.be/yRoIVLtSJeQ

Salt Lamp:

There is a moon lamp and it was a gift. I have found, as most of you know, most of them are similar enough to feel equal.

The Stuffed Creature is from:

That’s it as for what’s in frame. I have the other parts of the room and the entire home in which I will do a video tour of in the future. Thanks for all the inspiration from the sub. Much Love!

My music video: https://youtu.be/yRoIVLtSJeQ
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