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Zirh Men’s Skincare, CLEAN, Alpha-Hydroxy Face Wash 250ml/8.4 fl oz, New & Improved Packaging?

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8th Jun 2017

I don’t really see a problem with your skin. But getting into skincare is always a good idea, to prevent wrinkles and to improve/maintain your current looks.

Basically, you start with a cleanser. A good ingredient to look out for is “alpha hydroxy acid” cuz it gently exfoliates your skin, evens out your skin tone, and fades scars. This one’s pretty good. It’s not a bad idea to have cotton wash cloths to wash the cleanser off your face… it helps to remove the cleanser and is another gentle exfoliator (you never want to be aggressive with your skin). Oil based cleansers are good too, especially in the winter months when skin tends to be more dry… they do not strip your skin of its oil.

Then you put on eye serum, and face serum. Serums are like a concentrated dose of nourishing ingredients that penetrate deeper into your skin.

Then you put on eye cream, and face cream. A good ingredient to look out for is “hyaluronic acid”, cuz it attracts moisture from the environment, and plumps up your skin, which smooths out wrinkles.
Very good idea to get a face cream that has SPF in it, cuz UV rays age skin quickly. UV protected sunglass will protect the skin on your eyes.

Masks are always a great idea. This one is good cuz it fades scars, and gives a nice glow for a few days. Simple clay masks are great too.

Good brands are Clarins and Bliss. The more money you spend, you’ll probably get a better product.

TL;DR: Regimen: cleanser > eye serum > face serum > eye cream > face cream