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ZINUS Wen Wood Deluxe Platform Bed Frame with Headboard / Solid Wood Foundation / Wood Slat Support / No Box Spring Needed / Easy Assembly, Queen?

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19th May 2020

Do you or your parents still know what shade of blue was used? Or happen to have the original paint can hanging around the garage or basement? In my opinion, the best bang for your time and money is to just paint over the yellow walls with the blue. The dark walls and white ceiling will stretch the space vertically, which would help. And I like that shade of blue as well. You should ask one of the photoshop subreddits to mock up the all-blue room, and see how it would look.

I prefer the open-ness and flow of the original layout; so I’m not a fan of the cube bookshelf dividing the room. I suggest:

  1. Keeping the desk in the new spot. From the photos, that area would be far enough from the bed to make feel like a separate space.
  2. Returning the bed to the old orientation and location.
  3. Moving the dresser to the old spot.
  4. Pushing the bookcase flat against the wall, next to bed.

If you have the funds, a new bed frame with a white, open headboard (like this one from Amazon) would be dope against blue wall, kind of like this one.

Also, replacing the wood drawers handles on the wooden dresser with updated white ones would be an simple upgrade.