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Zinus Modern Studio 14 Inch Platform 3000H Metal Bed Frame/Mattress Foundation/Wooden Slat Support/with Headboard, Full?

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20th Jun 2018

I recently moved somewhere new and had to buy all new furniture, ended up getting super basic black items that I had to put together myself.

Bed frame


Dresser (got with a discount)


I have a bedspread that’s technically from the boy’s section with gray sheets.

I just kept it very simple partially to keep things cheap and partly to minimize frills that might feel feminine to me. My color scheme is basically black/gray/blue-gray. There’s also a black storage cube shelf that I got from Walmart for like $20. I bought things slowly over the course of a few weeks after I moved in and just threw it together as I went. Now I just keep an eye out at thrift stores for weird wall art because I want it to be a bit more me.