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ZINUS Korey Metal Platform Bed Frame with Upholstered Headboard / Wood Slat Support / No Box Spring / Easy Assembly, Queen?

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19th Nov 2019

We got this bed frame and it’s been great. It fits pretty good size plastic bins underneath so we have tons of storage.

We have a memory foam mattress we bought off Amazon for $150 that’s also awesome. I can’t tell the difference compared to my mom’s 900 dollar mattress. Don’t spend too much on a bed!

We got this rug and it’s just okay. It’s not soft and I can kinda tell it was cheap. It works and the color is nice. But we have an Ikea vindum rug in our living room that is a million times more cozy. If you’re going to buy Ikea stuff, sign up for their account. It’s free and gives you great coupons and discounts. The 8×10 vindum is like $160 right now (before a coupon) and it’s definitely worth the extra money.

Another note, if you want bookshelves to actually hold books, the Ikea ones are generally the best value I’ve seen, even if you have to pay shipping. If you’re planning to pay shipping at Ikea I think it caps out, so you might as well buy a lot.

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23rd Jan 2019

I am currently shopping for the same thing and I found this on amazon,


it supposedly has 14in clearance.

Hope that helped.