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ZINUS Compack Metal Bed Frame / 7 Inch Support Bed Frame for Box Spring and Mattress Set, Black, King?

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22nd Aug 2021

Do you have some sort of bed frame?

Most box springs nowadays are really just a spacer and platform to get the mattress to the right height.

See this product


7 inch legs, 8 inch thick box spring, 8 inch thick = 23 inches total height

Most people like 24 inches high for easy sitting. Measure how tall your existing bed is?

In fact, lots of the extra tall 12-13 inch matresses are paired with a 5 inch tall box spring as a regular 8 inch tall gives too tall an overall bed.

Note how that frame has just a single bar going across? That’s not enough support for a mattress. You could literally get some plywood and put it across that frame if you didn’t have a box spring but then your bed would be really low. OR you can get a box spring/foundation like this one


(note this is the ‘middle’ layer)

See how this has a bunch of struts going across, about every 8 inches or so? That’s what gives the actual support to your mattress.

Now, if you don’t have a bed frame, you can buy a platform bed frame which basically is the same as the ‘foundation’ box spring, except it’s got legs to put your bed at normal height, generally 12-14 inches tall plus an 8 inch mattress.


The good part of these is you can have lots of storage under there. Or to hide your dirty laundry.

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22nd Aug 2021

76 wide by 80 long is standard king size.

King Size box springs generally come in halves for easier handling. And it just happens that Twin XL is 38 wide by 80 long, and 38 + 38 = 76

Note. It used to be you’d get a bed frame that sat low on the floor, you’d get a box spring to give more support as well as bounce (it would literally have springs in it) and a mattress on top of that.

Now, many ‘box springs’ are actually just frames so the mattress is at the right desired height (i.e. good for sitting on). Generally the frame has 6 to 8 inch high legs, the box spring aka platform is itself 6 to 8 inches high, and then you have a 10-12 inch high mattress on top of that.

Here’s an example of that


Note how there’s no internal structure, that’s why you need a box spring

The other option is a platform bed that needs no box spring. These have wooden or metal slats spaced about a foot apart. These tend to make any mattress feel a little stiffer.

Here’s an example of that


what you linked was a foundation/platform that has no springs, it’s not really a box spring, it’s a spacer that will turn your existing bed frame into a platform bed

This from Target is really the same thing, it’s just a platform that replaces a real box spring to have the bed at a normal height, it just uses wooden slats rather than metal slats, which in theory MIGHT have a tiny bit more spring