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Zalman Mechanical Keyboard ZM-K500?

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15th Jun 2015

Look at this

Uses Kailh switches but is the cheapest mechanical keyboard out there, has good reviews too.

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21st Dec 2018

This just doesn’t seem worth it when you can buy the Zalman K500 with Kailh Red switches for £20 at the moment.

Either that or suffer with a shitty generic keyboard that you can probably get for free somewhere and find another £10 and buy the Gigabyte Force K83 for Forty Notes and has Cherry Reds.

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7th Jul 2016

zalman zm-k500 ? Compact and has the function keys ?


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7th Sep 2015

I would guess that what you’re looking for does not exist. You’re looking for a very rare keyboard layout, with one of the rarest language options.

The layout you’re looking for is a specialised version of what is usually called the 84 or 87 key layout. As far as I am aware in modern keyboards it only really sees usage in the Noppoo Choc Mini (No Nordic?), Keycool 84, KBT Race (sort of) and a few cheapo boards that are very region dependent with regards to whether or not you can get your hands on them.

That said if you want to have a look and see if you can find something, your best bet would be to look for the regional equivalents of these boards:



The first design at least is an OEM one which means that if a nordic variant exists, it would be sold under a different brand name. Heres a ripster post about them.


I guess realistically you have to make a choice. Either don’t compromise, get what you want by throwing some money at a custom build. Not a bad option if you have some time and money on your hands.
Or: Choose either Nordic or your 87 key thing, I’m sure you could adjust to a US layout easy enough. I use UK at home and US at work, it doesn’t bother me much.

Theres also a handy Nordic Shopping guide in case you’re not sure where to buy: https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/wiki/nordic_shopping_guide

People around here can be somewhat unresponsive if you’re not looking for a 60% board… Best of luck in your quest for clack.

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13th Mar 2015

You could also try this:


Just as cheap, but has Kailh Red switches (knockoff Cherry MX Red, but used a lot in many cheaper keyboards, including Razer). Probably better than whatever “AULA tarantula green axis mechanical switch” is.

A little more expensive at £60, there’s this:


Still not genuine Cherry switches, but from a much more reputable brand than Zalman or AULA.

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2nd Jan 2015

The Zalman ZM-K500 uses Kalih Reds (a Cherry MX Red knockoff) and is only 44 quid. I’m using a version of it (Nixeus Moda, Kalih Browns) and it is pretty well-built.

Might be worth trying out as a value option.

Otherwise, check out the /r/mechanicalkeyboards United Kingdom buying guide.

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8th Nov 2015

There’s basically none you can get bro. I’d get the Corsair K30. It’s a GREAT membrane keyboard. But if you’re desperate for a mech, then get this.http://www.amazon.de/Zalman-ZM-K500-Tastatur/dp/B00A53LCQ8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1407252804&sr=8-1&keywords=zalman+mechanical But this is the cheapest you’re gonna get.