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YUNZII KC84 SP 84 Keys Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard with PBT Dye-subbed Keycaps, RGB,NKRO Programmable Keyboard (Gateron Red Switch, Carving Front SP Black)?

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22nd Feb 2022

This is the 75% with L+F reds (kinda uneven, was my first time but its better than nothing)

This with browns and no caps included, would be willing to sell for cheaper

sorry about late response

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1st Apr 2021

Hey all,

I’m looking to buy my spouse a new tenkeyless keyboard. I have a very specific idea in mind, but I can’t seem to find anything that works, and I’m horribly new to this as well so I just don’t know.

Specifically I want – Black board, with black/red/white keys. Tenkeyless/80% since he wants a smaller keyboard. Labeling for keycaps on top (sometimes they are on the front/side which is weird?)

The keyboard that exactly matches the look I want is https://www.amazon.ca/YUNZII-Swappable-Mechanical-Dye-subbed-Programmable/dp/B08Q75PRBC/ref=pd_di_sccai_17?pd_rd_w=cwYvy&pf_rd_p=e92f388e-b766-4f7f-aac1-ee1d0056e8fb&pf_rd_r=EWCW6DKWFZYEA0JGKKFP&pd_rd_r=24bfbbb2-8285-411d-82d6-72ca73c4154c&pd_rd_wg=jpTF9&pd_rd_i=B08Q75PRBC&psc=1 however, the problem is that we live in Canada and that will not be coming in time for his birthday. In addition, I know the brand and keyboard is very new without much / any reviews.

Other option that I’m trying to figure out if will work: https://mechanicalkeyboards.com/shop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=3603 with https://mechanicalkeyboards.com/shop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1170 for the colouring, is this an okay keyboard? Also, does anyone know how long it typically takes to ship to canada?