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YOUNGDO Smart Body Fat Scale – BMI Bathroom Scales for Body Weight Body Composition Analyzer Monitor for Visceral Fat, Muscle, Body Age, etc(30×30cm)?

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23rd Jun 2020

Its a body fat scale from Amazon, it lists bodyfat %, muscle weight, skeletal muscle weight, bone mass, water level and other bits.
I dont agree with the scale saying I need to lose muscle although if I lost weight to what it recommends my weight to be, I would need to lose a fair bit of muscle as well as fat.

The scale is Youngdo Body Fat Scale

I dont count calories because I dont know how many calories are in what I cook, so I just try to have smallish portions of things I know are fattening (although I can’t do small portions of cheese – I love cheese its the reason why I won’t go vegan as none of the replacements taste good).