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YOUKOYI LED Magnifying Lamp Metal Swing Arm Magnifier Lamp – Stepless Dimming, 3 Color Modes, 5X Magnification, 4.1″ Diameter Glass Lens, Adjustable Industrial Clamp for Reading/Office/Work (White)?

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20th Jan 2021

I’ve been using this for a month or 2 and so far I really like it. A requirement for me was the long reach provided by this lamp.

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6th Jan 2021

I just finished my first piece with black aida! At first it’s murder on your eyes but once I found the right combination, it was no harder on my eyes than light aida.

My typical setup uses a magnifying lamp and I utilize both the magnifier and the light. For black aida I did the same except turn off the light and lay a bright white t shirt in my lap. The room’s overhead light will light up the shirt so when I hold the hoop between my eyes and my lap, the white shirt is visible through the aida holes — giving me a grid of white dots to follow. Once floss occupies a hole, it’s just like normal.

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10th Jan 2020

thanks dude! and i’ll take a picture of the actual setup when i get home, but basically i’m just using an awesome lamp i got for christmas that’s specifically for working on gunpla. Although, i don’t think the lamp size would be suuper important? If i’m right, the whole point of the tissue paper is to diffuse the light and kinda turn it into an even light source. regardless, here’s the link for the lamp that i think is the same one i use. If not, it’s really close (you could also just search for led magnifying lamp on amazon.):

Seriously though, this lamp is awesome just for a clamp on desk lamp just for working on gunpla. Has two lights, normal kinda lightbulb light and straight white light, and really maneuverable. Easily one of my favorite gifts.

Also, these links are what A. showed me more info on lightboxes, and B. showed me how to take decent photos with my phone.



Haha, sorry for the link, hope this helps until i can get home to take a picture of my box.