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Yosoo Lighting Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp With 5X 10X Magnifier With 40 LED Lighting?

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5th Jan 2018

My Gf just bought me one for christmas and I must say I love it. I found it was straining to squint my eyes just to see certain details but with the manigfyer, plus the white light it puts out, everything just seems so much bigger and I have more space to manuever the tip of my brush. The magnifyer I posted is also a lamp; I find the two work well as one piece and would reccomend if you really want a magnifyer to invest in one that also couples as a lamp, thats because its a pain to have to set up both a lamp and glass seperately without one getting in anothers way. Now the magnifyer i linked has some flaws, cord is too short, its top heavy and will tip over if not positioned right and i dont like the idea cant change the bulbs (but your asking about Magnifyers not lamps so i guess that doesnt matter) so I wouldn’t reccomend buying this one in particular (I still love it and use it non stop keep in mind). If you do get one with a lamp make sure it emits white light.

Overall I say a magnifyer is a worthy investment but would reccomend one that also has a lamp built into it for ease of set up and increased visibility.