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YMDK Dye Sub Dye Sublimation 96 84 ANSI ISO Keyset OEM Thick PBT Keycap for MX Mechanical Keyboard YMD96 RS96 YMD75 KBD75 FC980M (Godspeed)(Only Keycap?

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I feel you with the arrow keys that’s why I mainly use 65% layouts. You’re right about the shift key, it’s generally a 1.75U on these layouts.

YMDK makes relatively cheap 1.5mm thick pbt keycap sets that are compatible. Personally I picked up this set when first got into these layouts. It’s dye subbed so you won’t have to worried about the legends fading.

If you go through their amazon store page you can find a bunch more but if you care about legends not fading I would avoid any laser etched keycaps.