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YMDK DSA Keycaps 65 Keycap Set Dye Sub Thick PBT Key Caps for Cherry MX Switches Minila Tada68 GK64 Mechanical Keyboard (Only Keycap)?

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18th Dec 2019

Got it with Box Browns. My first keyboard with those switches, but I’m really liking them and I feel they’re much better than MX-Browns. KBDFans assembled the board, and they did a great job. There’s no rattle in any of the stabilized keys, and the case is built like a tank.

I got the keycaps on Amazon, and they’re pretty high quality and fit the GK64 layout of the board.

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11th Aug 2021

I went with these ones:


Here’s a picture:

here is a picute on my poker rgb keyboard.

I’m very happy with this setup.

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25th Sep 2019

I will go with dsa profile. Someone on this subreddit suggest me this

I found also the 1U caps for subsitute escape and arrows for matching with my setup