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YMDK Carbon Dye Sub 108 87 61 Key Mac Keys Thick PBT OEM Profile Keycap for Standard 104 TKL 60% MX Switches Keyboard (Only Keycap) (87 Plus Mac)?

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16th Oct 2020

No problem! I’m going through this same search myself.

I’ve had my eye on both of those sets you linked. 🙂 These are really similar (or the blue version is, anyway) and I keep almost talking myself into buying them, because there’s a command key with an apple on it, like the old “closed apple” key from the pre-Mac days: https://www.amazon.com/YMDK-Profile-Standard-Switches-Keyboard/dp/B07SSZYNJS?th=1 The only reason I haven’t bought them yet is that I’m hoping to find a shine-through PBT set that has the Mac keys included.