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YMDK 96 84 ANSI ISO Keyset OEM Profile Thick PBT Keycap Set for Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard YMD96 RS96 KBD75 YMD75 FC980M(Only Keycap)?

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25th Nov 2019

Would anybody be kind enough to recommend any keycap set they know of based on my requirements below?

I’ve been looking to buy my next keyboard and I’ve got my eyes on the KBDFans DZ60 Kit for a while now.
Both 1u right shift and 1.75u right shift layouts are okay, I just want the arrow cluster in a 60% case.

The thing is, for the love of me I can’t find something that fits the requirements below.

Color: Black and white mix or completely white (my workspace is black and white and im going with the black case)
Profile: OEM
Material: PBT
Price: $25 – $40

Currently I feel like this red+white+dark gray+blue set and this full white set with huge legends are my only options. I’m leaning towards the full white one from amazon but I just want to make sure there’re no other options before I hit the buy button. I did my very best with research, checked reddit posts, tried every website but the ones I found are either out of stock or too expensive (or not matching one of the requirements).

I would really appreciate your help!

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1st Jun 2019



They look/feel quite good, but, as you can see, they’re not true shine-through key caps.