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YMDK 61 64 68 ANSI Dye Sub Dye-Sublimation 60% Carbon Custom Keycaps OEM Profile Thick PBT Keycap for MX Mechanical Keyboard GH60 SP64 GK64 Tada68 (Only Keycap)?

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18th Oct 2020

I searched around and found it in KPrepublic’s Aliexpress store. Not cheap but shipping is free. I’ve never seen these for sale by US vendor. After all is said and done, it might be cheaper to go the other route as you suggested. There are cheaper 65% sets on Amazon then the one at kbdfans. Other than the 1.75u shift key, you have to pay attention to the modifiers to the right of the space bar. Some have 3x 1u and some have 2x 1.25u with a blocker. The one at Amazon support both.