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YAMAZEN ESK-751(B) Casual Kotatsu Japanese Heated Table 75×75 cm Black?

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29th Jan 2019

We have this one from Amazon:

Casual Kotatsu Japanese Heated Table 75×75 cm Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00F2C31AM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_L76tCbVQ5YX8T

Works great. Have a regular full size comforter on it as the actual kotatsu ones are really expensive. Don’t need a converter at all.

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10th May 2021

Time for me to shill for kotatsu again. I wrote the top review for that one, can’t reccomend it enough. Looks like the company came out with a newer, more American friendly model too later.

There are a lot of things the Japanese/weebs rave about that are just solidly okay or good, but the only thing that I’ve tried and loved forever is the kotatsu.

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2nd Jan 2021

I own a kotatsu and it is literally the best purchase I have ever made in my entire life.

I have a smart plug set up so when I’m on my way home I can power it on and slide in once I get home.

I wrote the top review on this one here, costs like $220

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12th Jan 2021


is the one I purchased. Its fantastic for 1 person and workable for 2 people with legs sprawled. Its only when I have 3-4 people over that I wish it was a tad bigger in order for everybody to be able to stretch out their legs.

cosifuntootie also has the right of it as I found mine from the kotatsutable.net site.

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25th Oct 2021

I got the Nitori No. 87. Weird how they’re not selling this year, might be shipping issues?

My kotatsu was made in Malaysia. I think its the same one that you can get from amazon.jp for about 50-60usd without a blanket.

Another option you might be interested is this amazon listing: https://www.amazon.com/YAMAZEN-ESK-751-Casual-Kotatsu-Japanese/dp/B00F2C31AM

Its a bit pricey especially considering CAD to USD conversion but if shipping is included and goes to Canada then it can be an option. Otherwise I’ve tried Zenmarket as a reshipper and they refused to reship a kotatsu table because it was too big/heavy.

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27th Nov 2020

Yeah very similar to this one. I bought mine years ago and don’t have a link to the store anymore so using generic one off Amazon they may or may not match pictures I took.

YAMAZEN ESK-751(B) Casual Kotatsu Japanese Heated Table 75×75 cm Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00F2C31AM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabt1_e5iWFbMZ63DTV

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16th Feb 2020

Amazon just look at the frequently bought together section because the futon and table are sold separately and you need the converter to plug in Japanese products. From my understanding, that is.

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7th Nov 2018

I believe amazon prime carried them (at a steep markup but hey, it works.)

I got mine for 150 off of Rakuten?
Heres the link!

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11th Dec 2017

This is what I got. The company that sent it gave me free shipping and also got it to me from Japan in like 7 days. I did it through Amazon but the company that sent it went way above and beyond. Which reminds me, time to write a review.

YAMAZEN ESK-751(B) Casual Kotatsu Japanese Heated Table 75×75 cm Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00F2C31AM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_rU2tjbsXmvW2Y

The comments on that try to get you to buy a more expensive and more powerful step up converter than you need, I ended up getting this one

VCT VT-500J – Japanese Step Up/Down Voltage Transformer Converts Japan 100 Volts To 110V OR Vice Versa – 500 Watt https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000PC4JL4?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf

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18th Sep 2021

Are you talking about Zataku, Chabu-Dai, or Kotatsu?

For Zataku and Chabudai, ask carpenters to cut off the legs and treat the edges of your own table for whatever size you think it’s appropriate for your room. For Kotatsu, you can buy them at US Amazon, or even just the heating kit.

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26th May 2021

Hey there, I’m a USA local (California) and I have a kotatsu table in my room right now! This happens to be a topic I know way too much about, since I had wanted one for about 7 years before I moved into my own place and finally pulled the trigger!

Quite honestly, you’re best off using a table you already have as Japanese kotatsu tables are actually really low (only about 14 inches or so off the floor) I used an antique coffee table I already had and attached a heater purchased from here .

For the futon (the blanket that covers it) I purchased one I liked on eBay, this was the most expensive part, as I had to pay to import this. The futon cover was about $180 USD. This set is really close to the one I got and includes a matching plush mat that goes underneath it. For the table top, I honestly just went to the hardware store and purchased some wood and had it cut the exact size of my table. This is placed above the futon to hold it in place.

As others have said, the best solution for those chairs is to buy low cushion style chairs. Quite honestly, I only sit on pillows on mine, because I’m a broke college student and can’t really afford a full set of expensive seating. However, you may not be a broke college student, in which case: these chairs are what I recommend but you could use any chairs you like, you don’t have to be as particular about them.

If you’d prefer to import a table that’s already made, you can find the table without any of the accessories on Amazon or you can find similar listings on eBay though this will probably be the most expensive option. Amazon and eBay also have full sets available, though expect these to be incredibly pricy.

This instructables is what I used to guide me on building my own kotatsu. It may help you as well!

Good luck!

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11th Oct 2019

>By that standard do you also go into the forest and saw your own wood to build your own bed lol

what standard? do most Japanese people build their own furniture?

have you heard of amazon?



i mean i like the concept and all looks comfy but the reality is that desing its purely base on Japans city’s especial need’s and culture this simple won’t work on America (and i mean the continent, not only the us) as we don’t have the need to clear space on a daily basis.Still looks cool though.