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11th Feb 2019

How many inputs do you need total? Something like this little guy or a Micca Origain might work as well.

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21st Feb 2019

A used full size stereo, AV receiver or a power amp will be better.

If you still need something small.

Full size:

Audio Source AMP100VS 2 Channel Amplifier (Black) $118.

AV receiver, Denon AVR-S540 $150 refurbished.

Stereo receiver, Onkyo TX-8020 $180 or ONKYO TX-8140 $220.

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9th Feb 2019

Mini amps:

XtremPro Audio Amplifier DAC 22W Class A/B power, $100.

Topping MX3 $130.

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9th Feb 2019

Go home audio with passive speakers and an amp or receiver and you can upgrade one at a time later if you ever want to.

If you want to stay with powered, Fluance Ai60 Powered 6.5” Bookshelf Speakers which have a subwoofer out jack, optical input, remote and bluetooth.

If you do get pro studio monitors you will want to use a pro studio subwoofer with them, Monoprice 10-Inch Studio Subwoofer $220.

Receivers: First look for a used stereo or AV receiver for under $100. You can reply here or post a list if you find anything for recommendations.

Or a Mini amp: XtremPro Audio Amplifier DAC 22W with Class A/B power (not D) $100.

Speakers: Recommendations from AverageJoeAudiophile and r/HTBuyingGuide. See what you can find used.

Speaker wire: Pure copper oxygen free 16 Guage and self adjusting wire strippers or basic.

Home Audio Guides: Intro to home stereo systemsZeos Tutorials, Diagrams and Videosr/Audiophile Getting StartedBeginner’s Guide to Home AudioAverageJoeAudiophile’s GuidesSpeaker Placement for Stereo Music Listening.