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Xtreme Comforts Seat Cushion, Office Chair Cushions – Pack of 1 Padded Foam Cushion w/ Handle for Desk, Wheelchair & Car Use – Back Support Pillow for Chair ?

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26th Aug 2018

Buy a memory foam seat cushion. Something like this. They are cheap.

Air down the tires by a few PSI less than the recommended pressure.

Stop every few hours or so for her to get out and walk around for a minute or two.

Have her lean the seat way back. Doing so will spread the load across her body more evenly.

Total cost: 30 bucks and just a tad bit of extra time on your journey.

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15th Sep 2018

Thank you for the giveaway, lots of good games here!

I am interested in Mafia 2! I’ve played the demo over and over again for hours, but I have always wanted to play the full game.

I keep comfortable in my long gaming sessions using a way that might help you too. I have back problems, so I bought a seat cushion designed for that, and I place it on top of my gaming chair- That usually helps!

Check this out

Thanks again for the chance~

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19th Dec 2018

I broke mine and had to sit on one of these for like a year straight.


Thank god I work from home but having a desk job where you sit all day for hours long teleconferences sucked for a while more than usual.

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10th May 2018

Agreed – I had surgery for a cyst near my tailbone and even many years later still have pain when sitting too long. I have one of these for my office chair and would recommend it or something similar for OP’s girlfriend while flying: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00V2L5JRA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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16th Oct 2020

Happy Birthday again 🙂 I think you would enjoy this for your long rides! Hope you can have a birthday bash!


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27th Dec 2016

I hear really good things about this one


AND it’s on sale RIGHT NOW! But do your own research first.


The above is the one I own. I got it on sale for about $150 as well.

Mine can tilt the seat / back together simultaneously, or I can tilt the back separately as a recliner. This feature was very important for me when I went to purchase. It’s better for comfort if you ask me.

I use it for gaming often. But I bought a foam seat cushion as well. I’ll probably upgrade to one of those coccyx cushions in the future.


If you talk to Staples staff they can usually tell you if an item is planning to go on sale within 2 weeks / 1 month timeframe. So buy with confidence and price-match.