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Xtreme Comforts Pillows for Sleeping – GreenGuard Gold Certified Adjustable Queen Memory Foam Pillow for Side, Back & Stomach Sleepers w/ Removable Cooling Zipper Cover – Made in The USA?

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18th Jan 2021

Heavily 2nd shredded memory foam! I’ve tried all sorts of pillows, even the super expensive Purple Harmony one, and none compare.

I have this one from Amazon, and it’s pricier at around $50, but it has a zipper that lets you take out some of the foam to adjust to your preferred pillow height.

I’m a stomach sleeper/sometimes side sleeper so I like a much slimmer pillow, and that one worked perfect since I was able to take out the foam to my liking.

I bought that pillow 2 years ago just about exactly now according to my Amazon history, and it still has held up perfectly and I can’t imagine going to another pillow!

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10th Mar 2021

This pillow has been consistently the best pillow I’ve ever used, and I struggle with needing lower profile pillows as well.

What’s great about it is that you can take out the foam yourself so it can be perfectly the exact height you need it to be. I was wary of shredded memory foam pillows at first, but they’re kinda just the best imo now.

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31st Dec 2020

Sorry, not sure on the U shape, but probably and it’s USD. I got it from Amazon, you can also adjust the loft by removing some of the filling. If it starts to feel flat just toss it in the dryer for a bit. It has two layers of casing so you can wash the outer one. This is the specific one I have.

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16th Apr 2019

I bought two Xtreme Comfort pillows in 2017 and they are stupid comfortable and still fluffy to this day. Only $55 – well worth it!