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Xspec Foldable Stationary Upright Exercise Folding Workout Indoor Cycling Bike, Blue?

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11th Dec 2017

I’ve definitely been fed up and felt all my efforts were going nowhere when I try my best, but if I took even a day off CICO my weight bounced back on. It’d send me into adult tantrums. The best thing you can do for yourself mentally & emotionally is take the pressure off, meaning:

  1. Ignore the scale. The point is how you physically feel and look. I’ve seen big differences in just 1 pound when exercising. The scale is a number that you feel you have to fit (pressure).

  2. If there are hiking or walking paths around you – use those. I lose weight better when I’m not paying for a gym (pressure). Exercise more so the endorphins release and lower your stress levels (pressure). An indoor stationary bike helped me too. Here’s one on Amazon for $120 (Nudge someone for Xmas). I’ve forgotten that bike for a year in my closet, and then pulled it out and really been glad I owned it. Save on your cardio classes. You can burn a lot in an hour just walking (at least 400-500 calories), for free.

  3. Money is rough. Healthy food can be pricey. Meal prep, if you can, some rice and salmon bowls. Its cheap and filling.

Best of luck and don’t give up. I’ve struggled with my weight since I was 15 and motivation will come and go. When I’ve had success it’s been because, after months/years of being frustrated, I just woke up one day with a calm clarity and went on a walk, and kept doing it. Lower the pressure on yourself. <3

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16th Jul 2020

It’s this one. It’s very basic and I’ve never gotten the display screen to work, but all I really need it for are the pedals and resistance knob, so it does the trick.