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XS Earbuds with Microphone and Volume Control, Bluetooth Headphones Noise Canceling, XS Max Earphones with Mic Compatible with iPhone 7/7 Plus/iPhone 8/8 Plus/iPhone X/XR/XS Max?

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3rd Mar 2016

Budget – up to $75ish US

Source – PC desktop, non-bluetooth wireless connection

Requirements for Isolation – No particular need for isolation

Preferred Type of Headphone – I’m really looking for comfort for long duration wear. In-ear over long periods of time can cause soreness. So far, over-ear types with nice padding have impressed me the most as far as comfort

Preferred tonal balance – You guys aren’t going to like me now… I’m not much of an audiophile. I’m not looking for awesome sound –comfort, durability, and budget are all higher priorities. I’m fairly easy to please when it comes to the sound.

Past headphones – I’m trying to replace a Creative gaming headset that my GF gave me as a gift. They’ve served me well for what I need, but I’m getting sick of the cord and I’d love to go wireless. I recently bought a Sentey LS-4570 B-trek H10, but I was very disappointed in the bluetooth aspect. If the thing disconnected for any reason and re-connected, I got audio lag ranging from 0.5 to 2 seconds or even more.

Preferred Music – Mostly just PC gaming. I do listen to music, but as I said earlier, I’m easy when it comes to audio quality, so this probably isn’t an issue.

I got the Sentey headphones plus a bluetooth dongle as an attempt to save on money. And Honestly, I really liked the headphones. They sounded good (to me), were very comfortable, and felt pretty durable, but the bluetooth issues were intolerable. I’d love to find something much like it, just regular RF wireless instead of bluetooth.

I’m hoping you guys can help me find something that’s over-ear, non-bluetooth wireless, and somewhere in my price range, though I know what I’m looking for is below the typical standards of this subreddit. In my searching so far, I’m constantly getting search results cluttered with things I don’t want or need. And as I’m not a terribly social gamer, I don’t really need a microphone, though a product having a mic isn’t a negative in itself.

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30th Oct 2015

I’m looking for the best Bluetooth headphones I can get for the ~$50 range. Hopefully something that doesn’t fall apart like my pair of Photive X-Bass PH-BTX6 did with normal use.

I’m looking between these two:

or these: