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XP-PEN Deco Fun L 10×6 Inches Drawing Tablet Digital Art Tablet with Tilt Support Battery-Free Pen for Digital Drawing, Animation, Online Education and Remote Work(Blue)?

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8th Sep 2021

I recommend going with XP-PEN instead of Wacom, at least for your needs. Buy one that fits the size you want. I buy these sorts of things with Prime so that if I don’t like or need them I can drop them off at Kohl’s and get an “immediate” refund. I personally wanted to replace my 20 year old Wacom Graphire since there are no good drivers for Windows and because I wanted something current that I could also use with my Fire HD 10 2021 tablet. It works amazing for drawing, so notes will be no problem. I got the XP-Pen Deco Fun L 10×6 Inches for $50 and aside from the flipping the stylus for erasing, it is by far the best tablet I’ve ever used.