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XP-PEN Artist22E Pro 21.5 Inch HD Pen Display Monitor Graphics Drawing Tablet with 16 Shortcuts and Adjustable Stand(8192 Levels Pressure)?

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25th Jul 2018

Not the person who replied but here’s a random unsolicited fun fact: it’s common practice for digital artists to do what moogy0 just described for in general, whether it’s freelance work or a personal piece.

Drawing on ridiculously huge canvases and scaling the picture down once you’re finished kills ten birds with one stone. It’s useful if you want to export a photo cropped to various aspect ratios. The downscaling aspect saves space while also obscuring little mistakes or less-than-clean bits that would otherwise negatively stand out. It’s great if you ever want to revisit a piece to add detail without squinting your eyes out or killing your wrists from repetitive tiny movements. And so on and so forth.

In my personal experience, drawing on larger canvases also just makes drawing/painting WAY easier. Especially if you’re using something like a tablet monitor.

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11th Mar 2019

Hay, fellow game maker, just checked out your game, and it’s not bad. Making a game is a ton of work, and the critics can be brutal so good on you for putting yourself out there!

The art: if I’m following correctly you’re wife is still pretty new to digital art. I’m not sure what she’s using but I got a xp -pen off amazon, and it works great. Somethings that may help her art is to vary her line weight and add more shading to her characters. Around the eyes should be a bit darker, and add some cheek bones. Also some of the character’s arms look a bit thin. Try to avoid hard lines on cast shadows, but just a bit of fuzz on the edges. I know it’s more work, but instead of moving your character slightly to the right during long periods of dialog, try changing the pose a bit. Have a few different standing poses and facial expressions that you can reuse based on what the character is saying (I’m guilty of doing this too in my own game, but i’m working on it)

For the game play: The games I like is when I feel like I have a say in the direction of the plot. It feels like I’m just clicking through the story. One way to achieve this effect is to give your characters stats and based on the user’s interaction that moves those stats left or right (Naughty or nice) another way is repeated action with growing intensity, but that action is not linear to the story, the user has to go out of their way to grow a NPC’s stat tree.

I’m by no means an expert (Some have even said it’s my games are the worst thing they’ve ever played), but I enjoy talking about game creation if you ever want to drop me a DM. Good luck, it’s a good game, and each game you make gets better. Also you should try advertising on some adult game boards (like F95Zone)

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30th Jan 2018

Haha I feel ya there. I just upgraded not this Christmas but the past one. I’ve got my Intuos 3 sitting in my room too. Those things are solid. If you’ve got 500 bucks sitting around, get yourself one of dese.

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20th Sep 2017

Drivers can be a huge pain with these non-wacom tablets. You should search through their review pages on amazon and find out if the tablets will work nicely with your OS and art software first, instead of running into issues after purchasing. My guess is the Huion will be better in this regard, being a more established brand.

A lot of these Chinese tablet companies source the exact same hardware and just brand them differently. In that case, you want to pick the one with best customer and software support. For example, the XP Pen Artist22, Ugee 21.5 and Huion GT220 are all essentially the same thing.

I wouldn’t worry about thickness or how clunky the tablets are. Neither of them are standalone units and will never leave your desk. If you feel like you’ll be moving it around your desk a lot, there are lots of nice monitor arms you can get.

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22nd Dec 2018

It wasn’t a video, but an Amazon product review. Check out this link:



Just look up the tablet on YouTube and you’ll see many reviews. Watch several reviews on the tablets you’re thinking about getting. You can even ask the community on Amazon of those who have purchased the product if you have any questions. I’m sure you’ll come to a decision then. I personally think it’s a great tablet. Good luck!