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XMark Adjustable Decline Ab Workout Bench, Ergonomic, for Sit-Ups, Crunches, Abdominal Muscles Exercise, 12-Position XM-4416.1?

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23rd Oct 2019

I really like it. Very, very sturdy, and I do Russian twists on it regularly. Just note that there’s two models that are pretty similar. This one, and then this one that’s a little beefier. I can’t locate it now but there was a review or question answered on the cheaper one that compelled me to go with the nicer model (which I didn’t even initially know existed until I read that review saying they wished they had gone with it). From what I can tell it has much nicer leg/knee supports and the back padding is beefier. The feet look a little wider too. It’s every bit as good as the commercial ones in the gyms.