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Xikar Crystal Humidifier, Lasts Up to 90 Days, Reusable, Crystals Expand, Provides Perfect 70% Humidity, 2 fl oz Jar?

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3rd Nov 2016

I’ll get some pics for you ASAP. The humidor is probably 80% full with cigars. The area not filled by cigars has the xikar humidifier beads (Currently 2 with a 3rd on the way). My Hygrometer is digital and was last calibrated a few months ago when I first got it.

If I cannot make these Xikar beads work I will most certainly be returning to the Boveda’s. (Link to the Xikar Beads)

I had high hopes for the refillable solution as it would be over all cheaper had it worked as claimed, but now I’ve officially spent more on this “refillable” than I would have Bovedas for at least 6-12 months. I might write Xikar about the disappointing experience.

They were recommended by another friend and he had mentioned having issues in the winter as well and having to put his humidor(s) in trashbags to seal it. If these don’t work I’ll probably give them to him to add to see if they can help and go back to the reliable Boveda’s.

The arduin project will be primarily an educational thing. The Arduino boards needed will be the biggest circuit cost. The TEC and sensor are cheap and then getting a humidifier that I can control via Arduino will probably cost a pretty penny. The LCD screen readout and the various programmatic options are going to be amazing. The TEC can control up to 4 cubic feet and the humidifiers should easily handle this space. I don’t think I’ll be building that big, but after breaking it out into drawers and what not it might be pretty close.

If/When I build it I promise to make a gallery to show off the build with some fashion of a walk through.

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20th May 2016

South of you and a lot more humid here. Actually varies greatly in the house from 50% in the winter to 75% in the summer.

I just overdo the humidity crystal jars/strips. I have a jar and bar together should handle like 350+ cigars. I fill them full of the propylene glycol solution instead of distilled water. Currently only have about 40 cigars in the humi. It always stays around 65-69%