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X-keys Programmable Keypads and Keyboards (80 Key, XK-80)?

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16th Aug 2020

Any of the Streamdecks are way overpriced for too few keys.

The regular stream deck runs $150, and the streamdeck XL (which they mark as out-of-stock) runs upwards of $200.

Even the more expensive programmable keyboards in the $200 range have way more keys, like this X-Keys 80 key programmable keyboard which runs for $225 and has 48 more keys, or POS keyboards like this Cherry G86 which runs for $120-150 and has 98 more keys (for a total of 130).

I guess the on key display is nice, but a silver marker is 5 bucks, and a label printer is like 40 bucks.


[Edit] Programmable POS keyboards on alibaba are way cheaper, like $50-$100 for similarly keyed keyboards.