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WW Scales by Conair Digital Glass Weight Scale with Contemporary Silver Finish Bathroom Scale, 400 Lbs. Capacity?

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9th Jun 2016

Interesting question! I’m eager to see what “set-ups” other people are using.

  • Weight scale: Weight Watchers digital glass bathroom scale. This doesn’t connect to any apps or measure anything other than weight, but that’s what I wanted – just something simple and accurate.
  • Food Scale: Some generic, no name-brand $20 digital food scale. Again, nothing fancy, but it’s accurate and suits my needs.
  • Fitness Tracker: Fitbit Charge HR. I love my Fitbit and right now, the level of activity that it tracks is perfect for me – steps, heart rate, and other activity (such as running, walking, whatever). I don’t personally use the FitBit app to track my calorie intake, but I’ve heard that it’s actually quite good.
  • Calorie counting: MyFitnessPal. No surprise here. I personally use and love the app (the barcode scanner is fantastic). The fact that it syncs with FitBit means that across two apps, I can basically track and monitor all of the metrics I’m currently interested in.

As I get more into running, I’ve been thinking about picking up a more running-focused watch – the Garmin Forerunner 235 looks pretty snazzy.

I’m a gadget nerd, so it’s easy for me to get wrapped up in all of the different pieces of wearable tech/apps/whatever that are available. However, at the end of the day, the important thing to remember is that tracking calories and measuring what you’re putting into your body is probably the most important thing, so whatever helps you achieve that is probably worth focusing on first.