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WorkEZ BEST Adjustable Laptop Stand Lap Desk for Bed Couch with Mouse Pad ergonomic height angle tilt aluminum desktop riser tray portable computer riser table cooler cooling folding holder black?

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11th Sep 2020

Pre-COVID I used to do all of my journaling/writing at a Tim Hortons (Canadian coffee chain) near me. It was the only place I could go to get away from the distractions at home and focus.

Ever since COVID, I’ve struggled to find a place to journal. My desk is small and just fits my computer, the keyboard (on a keyboard tray) and mouse. The keyboard tray is too low for me to lean down and write on, and there isn’t anywhere else in my apartment I can write. No where I can really fit another desk either. I was looking to get a TV tray or something to use but so far, no dice (or they’re the cost of a new tiny desk).

Did try writing in bed but again, nothing to write on. The lap desk I have, I’m still leaning down and straining my back. It’s a bit frustrating. I’m hoping to find something like a laptop stand (something like this) that I can get in Canada, and then just use it for journaling. My really odd looking setup atm is the lap desk I have, with a cutting board I bought at the dollar store and it’s all held together by bungee cords XD I put that on top of a pillow in my lap and it’s somewhat of a solid surface without having to lean forward so much.

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9th Dec 2020

An adjustable desk thing for $40. It has 3 leg segments that can be adjusted 360 degrees. I use it on my couch to keep my laptop off my lap and to raise it up a little so I don’t hunch over. Love it!


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12th Nov 2020

Hi there, yeah I did a repaste with Arctic MX-4 2019 Edition and my temps didn’t improve either. Actually, the performance got even slightly worse, the paste has been open for almost 2 years so it may have gone bad. My Time Spy bench fell from 8150 to 7900 levels on average, indicating they did an actually good pasting job in the factory.

I did a slight undervolt (it was enabled with a recent BIOS update, you can download it from HP Support Website) of -30mV using Throttlestop and it actually slightly lowered my temps and increased the performance. But it’s far from “solving” how hot these laptops get.

LM appears to be the only option to decrease the temps without sacrificing performance but it’s too risky imo. Even if it is applied correctly, LM forms an alloy with the heatsink when you first apply it so you have to clean it up 1-2 months after the first application and repaste again. It is too much hassle for me.

I bought a nice multi-angle laptop stand (Something like this) and since the keyboard itself doesn’t get too hot anyway, I can play without any issues on the couch and on the bed as well as the table.

Despite the heating, I’m really happy with this laptop and after opening the inside, I appreciate the engineering that went into this even more. I upgraded from the mid-2017 Omen (7700HQ, 1070) and the design has come a looong way since then. I still prefer these “2019 refresh” designs over the 2020 design though, feels like a step backwards.

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26th Apr 2019

Might be the WorkEZlaptop stand. If not this is what I use. Very flexible positioning and if you want can get the optional mouse pad.

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17th Jul 2021

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13th Feb 2019

Wow, all those comments on prevention of pressure ulcers aren’t much help when you are already dealing with one, eh?
I had one at 9yo, partly due to a sitting obliquity because of scoliosis, partly because I was prescribed a wheelchair with no special seating. I was stuck at home off school (with a visiting teacher for 2 hours 3x/wk) for 6 weeks which felt like years. I’ve had small minor reoccurrences 2-3x (I’m now almost 40) even though I take care of my skin and sit on specialized seating. Some people are more prone because of things like these. My most recent experience of skin breakdown was just because my skin got super dry this year (apparently a hormone thing for women my age).

Here’s what I’d suggest to help you cope:

  • unless you’ve had flap surgery, ask your doc how much time you can be vertical each day and save something special each day for that time. A friend visit, make a sandwich, wheel outside…. for me it was an hour each day, and I liked to use it to go for a wheel around the block or hang out with friends. It helps keep you sane!
  • ask if you can use a Ride cushion to be up and around a short time each day (assuming your ulcer is on your butt or sacrum?). There are Ride cushions or Roho cushions that float your bony areas so they don’t have pressure on them that you might be able to buy or borrow to minimize risk while you’re up. Your wound care team should have an OT who could help you find something.
  • meals: sign up for your local meals on wheels organization which in many North American cities can deliver a healthy meal to you once a day for a very low price. If you can afford it, try Home Chef, Chef’s Plate or another meal delivery service – some deliver full meals, others deliver everything ready to cook. If you’re in a city, try online ordering for grocery delivery from a local grocery store and choose a variety of skillet meals – they are healthier than TV dinners and only take 10 minutes in a frying pan.
  • connect with a local SCI organization and ask them for suggestions/programs for home bound people. United Spinal has chapters all over the US, and look up Spinal Cord Injury Canada if you are in Canada (fm me too if you are, I can connect you with the org near you).
  • sign up for a box/crate club like Escape The Crate it The Mysterious Package every month, giving you a puzzle to solve or mystery to uncover with clues each month.
  • watch streamers (if you’re not working). Twitch.tv and YouTube Live has lots of options. There are people gaming, cooking, building, making things, coding, illustrating, writing music, etc and it can be a good way to connect with a community of like minded people online that will help you keep the isolation at bay
  • get a Skillshare.com or Lynda.com account (a video course platform) often free through your local library and commit to learn a new skill while you’re healing. Having a target to work toward can help the time go by.
  • Reddit is your friend- I swear, you can stay occupied for months on Reddit.
  • there are lots of work at home jobs you can do that only involve a computer especially if you have customer service or call centre experience or know anything about computers. Amazon is known for hiring armies of home based web service testers, for example.
  • I recently bought this bed desk on Amazon, it works well on couches, beds or at a desk, allowing you to lie flat to work, read or watch Netflix: Uncaged Ergonomics WorkEZ Best… https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07B9MHT4V?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  • get a big roll pillow or one of those wedge shaped cushions shaped like a wheelchair ramp (like this: DMI Supportive Foam Bed Wedge Leg Rest Cushion Pillow for Back Support, Elevating Legs and Acid Reflux, Blue, 12 x 24 x 24 https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B004X7CBFS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_URhzCb1DYAKBR) to help you find new positions to lie in. You can lie on the wedge on your belly in bed, on the long plane of the ramp with your arms off the short flat edge, with your computer on the bed itself, or use the wedge to support you laying on one side or the other. I have one I put my legs on so I can lie on my back.
  • get a free account for Zoom or use FaceTime to connect with friends you can’t see while you’re at home. You can even watch movies with friends using Facebook now, which is a nice way to do something with friends remotely.
  • nutrition is really key to recovery so I would ask your team for suggestions for a supplement that can increase your protein intake. http://www.med.umich.edu/1libr/Nutrition/DietPressureUlcers.pdf

I’m thinking I might turn this into a toolkit for folks on bedrest for my work (I work for a SCI non profit, I make health resources), so let me know if I missed anything or if you have more questions!