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Womier K87 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Gateron Switch TKL Hot Swappable Keyboard Partitioned RGB Backlit Compact 87 Keys for PC PS4 Xbox (Brown Switch,White)?

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16th Nov 2021

Doesn’t quite meet your spec, but Womier k87 is a good tkl board (no numpad). It is not wireless and is $81 or $83, right now, depending on the version you get.

It gives you good opportunity for future upgrade path- replacing switches, keycaps. Overall, a decent board with bright and capable RGB(including the functionality you requested). Just not wireless (and it’s a couple of dollars over $80).

There are plenty of YouTube reviews on it. It’s also sometimes known as “Gamakay” instead of “Womier”.

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21st Sep 2021

Clicky (blues) = bump + click

Tactile (browns) = bump, no click

Linear (reds) = no bump, no click

You want browns, or some other tactile switch. The enthusiast group will probably say avoid cherry mx browns as they aren’t very tactile. IIRC kailh and gateron both have a better bump, and then there’s quite a few smaller-batch switches

Something like this probably.

/r/MechanicalKeyboards has a daily thread that people can probably suggest more options with. You’ll want to include what size/form factor you prefer, 100%, TKL, 60%, etc.

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10th Sep 2021

Are the Womier/GamaKay keyboards the only prebuilt with a clear/transparent case? Are there any others? (I’m not experienced enough to build one myself)

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23rd Jun 2021

thanks, Womier K87 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Gateron Switch TKL Hot Swappable Keyboard Partitioned RGB Backlit Compact 87 with Hyper x pudding key caps. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08JTFN419/ref=ppx\_yo\_dt\_b\_asin\_title\_o03\_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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14th Jan 2021

Hello everyone, i’m stuck between these keyboards:

Womier K87

Royal Kludge G68

Which one would you recommend ?

Which switch is better for feeling the bump ?

I’ll use for typing. I’m newbie btw.

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23rd Jan 2022


for a pure white ducky has a white tkl – but its preorder rn

womier 87 for a translucent white acrylic case that is currently in stock with free shipping. it is a prebuilt so it’s a plug and play keyboard. There is hotswap but you don’t have to use it

you can turn off the rgb on these keyboards, so if you aren’t a fan of it its easy to do so

I went through 3 of them and ended up with one that worked, but I realized afterward that you can contact customer service about the flickering. It’s an issue with macs.

Look at the last photo. 🙂


I do have a quick question – I’ve done some reading and there seems to be mixed reviews on this keyboard:
Could I get your opinion? Also, I think I’d prefer brown switches but have noticed a lot of custom keycaps on etsy or other handmade sites are generally cherry. Will that cause any issues if I do happen to switch out one or two? I assume not outside of they will feel/sound different?


Thank you SO much again.

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5th Oct 2021

Keyboard: Womier K87
Keycaps: Hyperx pudding
Controller: PowerA Spectra Xbox One

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27th Jan 2021

Since you mentioned that the link you’ve got for the Womier K87 is questionable, here’s an Amazon link that worked for me when I ordered mine last week.

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30th Nov 2020

Check this out! It’s a translucent case so the RGB is so bright you’ll scare your cat, your neighbors and yourself!

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26th Nov 2020

Honestly maybe get a cheaper hot swap keyboard just to mess around with. The Drop keyboards ship with a switch puller but you can order a good one from Amazon.

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18th May 2021

try this or this

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16th Jan 2021

No that’s not lol. Even custom boards with lubed Gateron Yellows or Holy Pandas can be had for less, unless you’re doing stupid rare keycaps or mega custom switches. Enthusiast mechanical keyboards, decent ones at that, can be found for less than $100; the bread and butter Womier boards are basically all you could ask for save complete custom build: hotswap, detachable cable, RGB, cherry stems, for $90.