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WIZO 84 Ultra-thin Portable Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard, Black?

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6th Dec 2017

I sleep in a hammock at home. Right now I’m using Derek Hansen’s Smartphone Ridgeline Lifehack to hang my smartphone from my ridgeline. In the morning before I get out of my hammock, I like to journal for 15 minutes. I use a private WordPress site for my journal, with the PressSync app on my phone. I keep this foldable bluetooth keyboard in my ridgeline organizer that I unfold and place on my lap to type so I don’t have to gorilla-arm up to my ridgeline to somehow use the teeny digital keyboard… It took a while to get used to the numbers and symbols, but once I got the hang of it I could type almost as quickly as on my regular keyboard, and it’s light enough to take backpacking if blogging/journaling/writing is a priority. (Apparently it’s not available on Amazon anymore, but you can read the reviews and perhaps track down a newer model or something similar…)

All that said, I’ve definitely got my eye on the Hangtime Hook — I have trouble with my phone sometimes slipping to a vertical position instead of remaining perfectly balanced horizontally (so I can read the screen). I think the Hangtime Hook looks pretty cool, and it is the Christmas season… They weigh something like 80 grams, and I’ll have to see if it’s something I want to take backpacking. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying one for home use at least, and if it’s awesome enough it’ll justify its own weight for backpacking 🙂

(Disclaimer: None of these are referral links, and I’m not selling any of these products. But it can be helpful to hear about what other people are actually using, so these tips are offered in that spirit 🙂