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Withings – WS-30 Wireless Scale, Keep Your Weight Loss Goals On Track with This Easy-to-Read Digital Scale, Black?

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22nd Jan 2015

They’re $146 on Amazon now, though thr bodufat measurement is kinda bullshit (i.e. totally inaccurate and not all that useful), so I’d go with the cheaper model http://www.amazon.com/Withings-Wireless-Scale-WS-30-Black/dp/B00AXYL4M6/ – or maybe even one of the $25 bluetooth variants that works with a smartphone.

I prefer a wifi one, though – not having to dig out your phone puts less resistance in the way of using it, at times you’re not all that inclined to. But you can do it with a normal scale and the MFP website, if cost is an issue.