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Wireless TV Headphones, RCA Over Ear Hi-Fi Stereo Headset for TV Watching PC VCD, Headphones with 2.4GHz RF Transmitter, Charging Dock for Seniors Hearing Impaired, 100ft Range, Rechargeable, Black?

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29th Dec 2019

My dad’s hearing is not the best, I got him something similar to these RF TV headphones and he loves them. He can turn them up loud, and the TV can be silent. No need to blast the TV so loud that the neighbors can hear it.

Those Bluetooth headphones you bought look like a good option too. How have they been working for him? I avoided Bluetooth for my dad because I thought he might have trouble getting them to work consistently and just wouldn’t bother to use them.

Question 1: Because the sound quality is much better, and you get what you pay for. In this circumstance, it would make no sense to spend a lot.

Question 2: No. Soundbars aren’t trash, but they give you inferior sound quality for your money compared to spending the same amount on speakers. Sometimes the ease of use and simplicity is worth it to people, and I think that would be the case here. Sounds like they just want to be able to hear the TV better and couldn’t care less about the depth of bass, surround sound, etc.

If I were you I’d get them a basic Amazon or Vizio soundbar. If they’re anything like the older people in my family, they couldn’t care less about having better sound quality to watch cable news and repeats of crime dramas.

If their TV is 1080p and is set up correctly (doesn’t have stretched out video in the wrong aspect ratio) I wouldn’t bother with that. They certainly wouldn’t care about 4K, even I have trouble telling if I’m looking at 4K or 1080p sometimes. For an older couple I think the only upgrade they’d appreciate is a larger screen.