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Wireless Music Sleeping Headphones Sports Headband Noise Cancelling Bluetoth Sleep Mask for Sleeping, Workout, Jogging, Yoga, Insomnia, Air Travel, Meditation (Gray-Black Lining)?

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28th Aug 2020

Haha! Thanks! It’s a human headband, just a cheap one from amazon (link below). He wears it around his neck like a collar, but if it gets really loud outside I reposition and tighten the headband with a gogo so that the white noise plays closer to his ears.


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25th Sep 2020

Hang on a tick my dear!! (I don’t know why I do this; obviously the comment is going to be the same after I find the link).

Here they are!! Chris says he’s gonna get a pair for running if I give it a good review.

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28th Dec 2020

These are the ones I have that work great:
Sleep Headphones
They work great for me. Charge them during the day, listen at night. I have bad anxiety that keeps me up so need to listen to relaxing videos to fall asleep and these work great.

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16th Jul 2020

I saw the image and just this week got one for my headband headphones.