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Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad, WisFox 2.4G Slim Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard with Easy Media Control and Built-in Touch Pad for PC Laptop Windows Google Smart TV HTPC Android?

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16th Jan 2021

Pick up an inexpensive wireless keyboard that has a built-in trackpad. This one is $25.

Once you go wireless you won’t want to go back, especially on a workbench. Getting a cheap one means you won’t care about it much so you’ll be able to use it or abuse it in any conditions and not feel bad “because it’s a nice keyboard.”

I mean, it is a nice keyboard, but it’s a garage keyboard. No wires make it easy to move anywhere.

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17th Jan 2022

i’ve just been doing this myself, testing multiple methods.

Obviously the best is to build a dedicated tv pc, but thats hard to do for most people.

I just got a 3070ti, so I ended up buying a super expensive hdmi cable from my pc to tv so i can run the tv at 4k 120, and use an xbox controller, and then I also have one of those couch keyboard/trackpad things

Something like this

And using an xbox controller. ( though if you use more than 1 controller you should get the usb adaptor as they can handle multiple controllers )

My tv and pc are in the same room, so its not that difficult, but if you’re trying to run from your pc room to your living room tv, things get a lot more difficult/expensive.

every streaming service method i’ve tried was probably okay-ish for super casual gaming, but forget any AAA gaming.

Honestly, consdiering the price of the hdmi cable ( $150 ) xbox controller ( $60 ) couch keyboard (30+) having to run cables along my wall, etc. I should have just opted for buying an xbox/ps5/Nintendo and calling it a day.

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15th Sep 2021

A wireless keyboard/trackpad combo device like this will allow you to enter chat, logins and operate Windows mouse pointer from one convenient device.