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Wireless Humidifier Portable Humidifiers for Travel USB Rechargeable Battery Operated With Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers for Bedroom Vaporizer Auto Shut-Off for Home Office Baby Camping (Pink) ?

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12th Sep 2019

No visuals at the moment, and unfortunately 700$ is far too much for me! Currently what I’m going to try is this, a wireless rechargeable ultrasonic humidifier. I’m going to take this and use a bit of plastic tubing to direct the mist out the top. Not sure if it will work yet but I’m really hoping.

The thing is it has to fit underneath my Necron Tomb Citadel tile, underneath the ziggurat part. And since I can’t plug it in, it has to be battery charged. I would do dry ice, but with how limited my space is it’s really difficult, and the fog would only last a few minutes. I’ll ask the store manager but I’m pretty sure I can’t have a plastic bowl underneath the tile with Dry Ice, I’m pretty sure it has to fit in the 2×2 foot space. But I’ll double check!