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Winsome Wood 4-Tier A-Frame Shelf, Dark Espresso?

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31st May 2015


I said specific but only because I can find the same specific shelf later on. The shelf itself has no features that specifically lend it to manga or don’t. It’s just one I like.

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22nd Jan 2016

I have been collecting manga for several years now and a couple years back I started looking for a shelf to keep them on. I found this triangular one on amazon. I thought it would be good to get one from Amazon in case I wanted to get more. I was right, as my manga collection grew I got more. When we moved into this new property it had a roughly finished loft in the barn but my office was in the house. When our last baby was born I ceded the office to him and moved my desk and shelves out to the barn.

The barn has a gambrel roof, so the walls of the office slope inward as you go from floor to ceiling. It was kind of hard to figure out what to do with those two walls. In a fit of genius I took the bookshelves and turned them around and they fit up against the wall great. I bought the fourth shelf a couple months back and yesterday I officially filled it with the latest acquisitions from Japan. So for me it’s a double perfect fit. The width and angle of the shelves fit the nook perfectly and the manga collection fits the shelves perfectly.