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Wild Ferns New Zealand Bee Venom Serum with Manuka Honey?

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27th Feb 2017

I’m looking around for bee venom products, and I am really diggin’ y’all, trying to find serums and emulsions other than Benton, Innisfree, Nature Repulic, ect. I found dis on TesterKorea. I’ve searched for Apitoxin (Bee Venom) on most sites and aside from a 2k$ brand holding the same name and Wei, the guy I linked to is seeming the best bet to mix with my Sinic Propolis Ampoule for a bee section in my skincare. The ingredients seem legit; however its the “ect.” part at the bottom of the list that has me like “Wait, what chu not tellin’ me?”

Edit- forgot somthin’: There is also dis guy on Amazon. Wondering if anyone has input on this brand either. This would be a second choice since the bee venom is listed last on the list.

Has anyone heard ANYTHING about MED-LINE before?