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Whitmor Cube Organizer 3-Section, White?

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25th Aug 2020

I feel like this is how the majority of people live. I am very tidy and hate things cluttered around the sink and on counters. I have only lived with 2 other people who are as tidy as I am. Most people throw their (nasty) purses on the counter and their keys and then prep food right on the very same counter without a second though. Purses and keys are the germy-est things that most people own.

You should get a little entry way cubby system by your door. Those shoe racks with wooden cubby squares are great for this! Have hooks on the wall over it for people to hang their purses. Have a little basket or smaller hook for keys. You can even get those little pop up baskets for each person and set them on top of the cubby for loose items. We do this in my house and it works great and has kept our counters mostly clear! Something like this. You can turn it on its side too and make it more like a “bench.” https://smile.amazon.com/Whitmor-3-Cube-Organizer-White/dp/B079QHM7KQ/ref=sr_1_18?dchild=1&keywords=cubby&qid=1598364801&sr=8-18 And they have similar things at Wal Mart and Target even cheaper!