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White 108 Key Cherry Profile PBT Double Shot Side-lit Shine Through Translucent Backlit keycaps for MX Mechanical Keyboard (Only Keycap)?

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12th Feb 2021

Cheap PBT set on Amazon. Works best with south-facing LEDs but the keychron K8 here is still fine with north-facing ones.

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9th Dec 2019

Getting ready to buy parts, am I doing this right and is it all compatible?? What am I missing.. Send HALP

Hot Swap RGB PCB under glow PCB

CNC Plate Left Shift 2u no idea which I would prefer 2u or 2.25u

Switches Cherry Brown RGB 70 switches in total I know I will have some extras

Tofu 60% Frosted Acrylic Case is sold out but hopefully will restock OR if any one is selling….

Key Cap set for now at least… will this work with layout?

I have no idea what type of stabilizers I would need…Halp

Need a USB cord.. prefer para cord style, will find later.