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11th Dec 2020

> My use cases are mainly movies, jazz and blues. Upper price limit is probably $1000.

u/Aco2504, help me out here haha.

OP, your budget is slightly too low. The Wharfedale Linton is exactly what you want, and it’s $1200. Seriously, for jazz and blues, you cannot get a better speaker at that price.

There are good options at $1000 that would do what you want, but I’m not going to entertain those. The Lintons are 100% what you’re looking for. If there is any way you can up your budget to $1200, do that and get those.

If you can’t stretch it that extra $200 let me know and we can talk about other options, but I hope it doesn’t come to that haha

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12th Nov 2020

For $1200 you’ve got quite a few extremely good options. That being said, I’m only going to list one, and u/Aco2504 should have my back on this one, and so will anyone else who has heard them. Get these. Seriously. It’s that easy.

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12th Feb 2021

Okay cool. I’m going to make a recommendation very different from what you’re planning on doing.

> Budget: no single piece can cost more than $500, but the less expensive the better, so that puts my budget around $2k for the total system.

$500 per piece isn’t what we’re going to do, but we’ll do under $2000.

I’m sure u/Aco2504 will come back me up on this too.

Your turntable is fine. Speakers are the main thing you want to be upgrading here.

Wharfedale Lintons. They even make them with stands. Now, let’s get into why you want these.

> What I listen to: everything (and I mean it.) Jazz occupies the largest part of my collection right now, and I tend to buy the ”audiophile quality” records that I probably am not getting the full experience on right now. So let’s say this would be set up for Jazz listening.

This bit right here is very important when picking out speakers. Some speakers reproduce some music well and some music poorly. Wharfedale Lintons are good at everything, but they excel at Jazz.

Get those and a Yamaha S-301, and keep the turntable.

I want to point out something else you said as well.

> I would like to upgrade more in the future (don’t we all.)

If you’re planning on upgrading more, that means you’re planning on spending more money anyways. If you get something that isn’t the Lintons, and then upgrade again, you’ll have spent as much money, maybe even more, than you would have if you just bought the Lintons from the beginning. However, if you buy the Lintons, I have a feeling you won’t feel the need to upgrade those any time in the near future, and you’ll be able to focus more on the turntable next.

For real, Lintons are what you want. $500 for each component is not the way to go. Spend the most on the speakers. That will keep you from spending more in the long run.

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20th Jan 2021

You’ve gotten some okay information here, but I’m going to do my best to lay out what I think you need and why.

First things first, tower speakers. They’re not “overkill”. I personally think the opposite. They’re quite useless in most situations.

Neither of those Klipsch get down to 20hz, which is pretty much what you want, even for music. For the price of either of the towers you mentioned, you could get the RP-600M (which will sound the same) as well as an SVS SB-1000, which will get you lower, for the same price. Towers are very rarely a good use of budget in my opinion. Towers sound the same as their bookshelf counterparts, but they get louder (usually not a problem at all) and they’ll get a bit lower. Klipsch towers actually get quite a bit lower, but they’re an exception haha. Look at Elac, B&W, and KEF. The tower versions of speakers get usually about 5-10hz lower. Tower speakers use the same drivers as bookshelf speakers, so they generally sound the same. Not 100% the same, but mostly. For the money though, you could move up and get a pair of better bookshelf speakers.

With that all out of the way, here come my recommendations.

I’ll do this one first, and tag u/Aco2504 so he can get excited about this too. Wharfedale Lintons. They have matching stands too, which is pretty sweet. They look like that on their stands.

I know I said no tower speakers. They might look like towers, but really they’re just big bookshelf speakers lol.

> The style of music is all over the place. Not sure if there is a good “all rounder” kind of speaker.

Yes, and this is pretty much that speaker. Fantastic power handling and excellent bass makes it good for orchestral music, where you want the performance to sound huge. It has a really sweet midrange that makes vocals sound rich and real. The top end is very smooth, so you can crank it up and listen for hours without fatigue.

The one downside of them is also that relaxed top end. The Kipsch you’re looking at are bright. You’ll have a sense of loads of detail with the Klipsch. These will still have that detail up top, but it will be a bit further back, and you might have to look for it. It won’t be jumping out at you.

The second pair of speakers I’ll add to this list are the Salk Sound SongSurround I. They’re an extremely neutral and clean speaker. The Wharfedales are a bit on the warmer side and these are much more even througout. Just clean from top to bottom, and extremely revealing. They won’t be able to handle huge dynamic swings in orchestral music like the Wharfedales will.

I’ve said this a ton and I’ll say it again. I’ve got about 25 pairs of speakers and I’ve heard countless more. If I were looking for a pair of speakers right now, I really really hope someone would talk me into buying one of these. Even if my budget was $500, I would hope that someone could come along and tell me to save for either of these.

Let me know if you have any more question!

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30th Dec 2020

I have 2 options for you.

The first option is the Wharfedale Linton. In my opinion, the complete package. I sat with u/Aco2504 for a while and listened to those at a show. They had them set up in the same room as the Wharfedale Evos. Every time they switched from the Lintons to the Evos, people got up and left the room. The Lintons are just that much better. They have a clean top end, warm midrange, and full bass. If I were starting over, these would be the speakers I buy.

If you want something on the cleaner side (which I think you might, since you like the Evo 4.1), the Salk Sound SongSurround I are my choice here. I did a full review of them here. They’re just clean from top to bottom. The tweeter on them is superb. I was a big ribbon person, but this tweeter converted me to soft domes. Very revealing without being too harsh, which is why I like ribbons so much. This soft dome seems to be better than ribbons at being revealing and not being harsh. The midrange is just quick and clear. The bass is lacking, but you can always add a subwoofer to help that out.

I personally would pick either of these over your two options, but I’ve got different ears than you. I really have now way to know what you might like.

Let me know if you have any other questions.