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Wharfedale – Diamond 225 (Walnut)?

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3rd Apr 2019

You’re welcome,

Which preamp do you have?

If not gong vintage, refurbished receiver options with a one year warranty.

Stereo :

AV receiver:

  • DENONAVR-S640 $200 with a high pass crossover for your speakers when used with a subwoofer and 4K HDMI switching if you ever plan to use it with a TV for just 2 speakers or surround sound 5.1.

If not getting a subwoofer, consider 6.5″ mid bass driver speaekrs over 5.25″, or towers.

Bookshelf vs towers is not necessarily about volume and more about if adding a subwoofer or not since towers will go a bit lower and towers will have more sound pressure levels for a larger size room.

Internet Manufacturer Direct can be a good bang for the buck with 30 day in home trials so you can try 2 or 3 pairs.

  • Ascend CBM-170s $300 + $30 shipping. Neutral sound with a linear frequency response. I have these.
  • HSU HB-1 MK2 $280 + $60 shipping. Have a good low end if not getting a subwoofer at all or right away.

6.5″ speakers on sale:

Other 5.25″ speakers:


Walnut finish:

DIY build your own: Add around $50+ for tools and supplies. Kits includes pre-cut cabinets. Glue, solder, paint, assemble. Comparable to built speakers costing twice as much.

Speaker wire: Pure Copper Oxygen Free 16 Gauge Speaker Wire 50 ft. and self adjusting wire strippers.

Speaker Stands: Dayton Audio SSMB24 or Monoprice Glass and Audio Advisor, most also available at Amazon.

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19th Mar 2022

Stand recommendations for Wharfedale 225?

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12th Mar 2021

Do these Wharfedales fit the look you want? If so, I’d go for those. They’re great at jazz since they have such a warm midrange.