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Wharfedale – Crystal CR 4.2 (Walnut)?

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7th May 2021

Walnut Wharfedale Crystal CR 4.2 or Jamo S 803 are good to start with if you want wood finish.

However Infinity Reference 152 for less should be better or larger Infinity Reference162 if you have a large room.

Walnut Towers: Jamo S809 ~~$649~~ $229.

Over budget in Walnut finish:

Then start with a stereo or AV receiver or integrated amp with a built in phono stage preamp.

Cambridge Audio AXR85, Emotiva TA-100, Yamaha A-S501 all have good to great built in phono stage preamps to start with, no need to get the Mani or Pluto.

If there is also a TV in the room, an AV receiver: Denon AVR-S650H-R ~~$399~~ $329 with 4K HDMI switching and you can later add more speakers for movie and TV surround sound.

5x walnut speakers with main towers, Jamo S 809 Floorstanding Dolby Atmos Ready Speakers, Walnut, Pair W/2 Speakers ~~$999~~ $499.