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Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Indoor Cat Food, Salmon & Whitefish, 11.5-Pound Bag?

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26th Apr 2017

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Cat Food

Edit: Maybe I should add a little background info; He got fat while a friend of mine was fostering him for a year. I was working out of a different city and could not take him with me. My friend who fostered him had several other animals: birds, ferrets, and other cats. The situation caused him to stress eat, so by the time I got him back he weighed 17 lbs. Since I’ve had him back, I’ve gotten him down to about 15 lbs just by regulating the amount I feed him (1/3 cup, twice a day). However, he seems to have plateaued at ~15 lbs. I’ve been researching ways to get him to play for his food in an effort to get him to lose a little more weight.