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Webber Naturals D3 1000 IU, 260 Tablets?

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16th Nov 2020

Some Vitamin D for y’all if you don’t want to go out https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00B4JDYHC?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

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26th Nov 2020

What could we have bought with $350B?


According to this study, vitamin d is causally responsible for a 96% reduction in disease severity. As death only happens after severe disease, it is reasonable to presume that this causes a 96% reduction in death.

The best vaccine currently in development only has a 90% effectiveness rate, making vitamin D literally better than vaccines, at least by the data we have so far.

Amazon Canada has 260 pills for 7 dollars. A typical supplement is 1000 – 5000 IU, so let’s assume we want to be very safe and take 5 pills a day. That makes this bottle good for 50 days. For 7 dollars.

To make the math easier, let’s be even more sloppy and just say it’s 30 days.

There’s 37 million people in Canada. 37 million * 12 months in a year * 7 dollars a bottle = $3,108,000,000

Which gives me this extremely important conclusion: IF THAT STUDY IS CORRECT, Canada could have just mailed a bottle of vitamin d pills to every single citizen, once a month, for a year. This would completely end the pandemic, and cost less than 1% of what has been spent so far