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WD 500GB My Passport Wireless SSD External Portable Drive, WiFi USB 3.0, Up to 390 MB/s – WDBAMJ5000AGY-NESN?

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20th Mar 2020

I have two of these, bought at Amazon CyberMonday sale. Sets up a dedicated 5ghz WiFi connection with my Oculus Quest but used with my Go until recently. Allows you to stream high bitrate straight from the SSD HD to the Oculus via Skybox and other VR players that can read SMB file shares. No laptop/computer needed….truly wireless, self-contained system.

Sadly, as of right now anyways, DEOVR won’t work. But they say they will have SMB coming soon.

It’s a really good, all-in-one portable system. When I travel, I just take the WiFi SSD hard drive and the Oculus. The HD actually doubles as a hi-cap battery, so you can be truly wireless if you’d like for at least as long as the battery in the Go/Quest holds out.