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Walidake Universal Switch Opener for Mechanical Keyboard, New Mini MX Switches Open Tool Accessories for Keycap Keyboard Switch Gamer to Customize DIY MOD Switches?

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13th Jan 2021

You can buy the switch openers on Amazon. This is the one that I have and it works perfectly fine. I prefer plastic/3d printed ones over metal as my friends have told me the metal ones have damaged/bent their switches. Also, if you don’t want to purchase an actual switch opener for some reason there are alternative ways of opening them like using a small flathead screwdriver. Videos on YouTube often show different methods like this if you don’t have an actual switch opener. But I can tell you that having an actual switch opener will speed up the process by a lot as you will have to do this to 80-90 switches.

And yes, my GMMK TKL keyboard is my first keyboard build! I’ve learned a lot from customizing everything to my liking.